UST Expands Program to Address the Needs of Tax-Rated Nonprofit Organizations

In an Effort to Help More Nonprofits Reduce Overhead Costs and Lower Their Unemployment Tax Rate, UST Support Now Provides Workforce Solutions Specifically Tailored for Nonprofits in the State Unemployment Tax System.

The Unemployment Services Trust (UST), a program dedicated to helping nonprofits ensure compliance and protect assets, today announces the revision of a standing program, UST Support, which will now cater to both tax-rated and direct reimbursing nonprofits. UST Support provides cost-savings tools to nonprofits that are looking to offload burdensome unemployment claims management processing in order to allocate more time and money to their core missions.

Since 1983, UST has served direct reimbursing nonprofits with the HR resources and unemployment claims management tools they need to keep more money within the nonprofit community. Now, UST Support offers a solution specifically designed to provide tax-rated organizations with valuable benefits to operate efficiently while saving money.

The UST Support program offers exclusive access to the following services:

  • Professional Claim Administration
  • Professional Representation at Appeal Hearings
  • CaseBuilder Online Claims Management
  • Live HR Hotline, Online Compliance Library and Training
  • Outplacement & Career Transition Services
  • Budget Guidance from Certified Actuaries

In addition to these robust resources, UST Support now provides several features designed to help tax-rated employers better manage their unemployment costs. One of these tools includes rate forecasting — an aid used to help with budgeting and cash flow management. Plus, our claims administrator’s annual analysis can help you decide whether a voluntary contribution can be used to lower your unemployment tax rate — providing long-term savings for your organization.

“Nothing is more rewarding than hearing how our support has helped nonprofits to better serve their communities and support their missions,” said Donna Groh, Executive Director of UST. “And now, UST Support is giving us the opportunity to assist a whole new group of organizations by providing a solution customized to meet the needs of tax-rated nonprofits.”

501(c)(3) nonprofit employers who are interested in learning if UST Support is the right program for your organization, should submit a free Unemployment Cost Analysis today! 


About UST

Founded by nonprofits for nonprofits, Unemployment Services Trust (UST) provides 501(c)(3)s with a cost-effective alternative to paying state unemployment taxes. UST participants save millions annually through claims management, hearing representation, claim audits, outplacement services, and HR support. Join more than 2,200 nonprofits nationwide and request an Unemployment Cost Analysis at

Source: Unemployment Services Trust