Nonprofit eBook Uncovers Six Strategies to Develop and Maintain a Thriving Workforce

UST releases a new eBook focused on helping nonprofit organizations create a workforce to stand apart in a competitive job market

Founded by nonprofits for nonprofits, UST publishes an eBook that reveals the latest best practices that can help nonprofits find and retain employees that fit their organization’s culture, mission and values. This resourceful eBook provides ideal strategies nonprofits can utilize when tackling a competitive market and juggling the many organizational challenges that come with maintaining a dynamic workforce.

The eBook “Competitive Hiring Practices That Empower Nonprofits” reveals that “56 percent believe their current job is only a temporary stepping stone to something better.” However, with the right tools in place, nonprofits will be able to offer their employees professional development while creating a nurturing base where talented people can grow, feel challenged and valued.

“Hiring the best-fit personnel can be demanding of your time, energy and resources,” explains Donna Groh, executive director of UST. “This eBook offers the critical tools organizations need to draw in and maintain best-fit professionals that can help carry out mission-driven initiatives.”

With recent survey data and nonprofit employment trends, UST is able to provide nonprofits with six proven strategies to develop and maintain a thriving workforce.

The eBook, now available for free download, also offers:

·         New statistics from the sector

·         Onboarding and coaching tactics

·         Key ways to create a stand-out culture

·         Critical employee engagement tips

Be sure to download a complimentary copy today.

Source: UST