Nonprofit E-Book Reveals Five Strategies to Overcome 2019 Retention Barriers

UST releases a new e-book, focused on vital engagement practices to foster a desirable workplace.

​Founded by nonprofits for nonprofits, UST publishes an e-book that reveals the latest retention best practices that can help nonprofits to better engage their dedicated staff. This resourceful e-book uncovers ideal strategies to withstand the ravages of financial, strategic and geopolitical uncertainties by overcoming retention barriers, such as economic competition from other employees.

This e-book offers the top five strategies to employee engagement practices that help to foster a desirable workplace. You’ll also learn about:

·         Compensation benchmarking tactics

·         Creative benefit options

·         Employee engagement initiatives

The e-book, “Innovative Strategies That Overcome Nonprofit Retention Barriers,” reveals that “a surprising half to three-quarters of all turnover is actually preventable if managers know how to implement all the tools and strategies available.”

Be sure to download your complimentary copy today.

Source: UST